Technological Properties of Alloy Castings

In India, the alloy casting industry is a very well established industry and plays a major role in the economical growth. Indian alloy casting exporters are among the world’s top exporters in the international arena.


Alloy casting is a process used to deliver a sophisticated design and shape to the industrial components used in several applications. It has become a crucial part of the manufacturing industry.

Alloy casting exporters India operate among several industries such as construction industry, aeronautical industry, automotive industry etc. Among these industries, iron casting components are utilized by the automotive industry where as the steel castings are utilized by the engineering industry. There has been a positive effect on the alloy casting exporters since the growth in the automotive industry gave a major thrust in the casting sector. Automobile castings have chiefly contributed for the recent increase in the exports. Information technology and process optimizations have also lead to the enhancement of the level of casting which made a mark on the international platform.

Alloy casting exporters for the purpose of trading make use of various types of castings such as ferrous castings by non ferrous casting manufacturers, aluminum alloy, steel and ductile iron, graded cast iron etc. These castings are mainly used in industries related to railways, electrical machinery, automobiles, diesel engines and cement machinery, Pumps castings And valves castings.

The alloy castings exporters are usually stringent about the quality of the products, technical standards and the production process of these alloy castings to ensure that these castings are as per the international standards.

Hence, alloy casting exporters have detailed expertise in international trade and global transactions and thus play an invaluable in the casting industry.


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